Sauce Dispenser – For Sauces and Liquids including Mayonnaise, Oil – 40MM


The Silicone Ultimate Liquid / Sauce Dispenser System is a portion-dispensing system for oils based liquid products. The silicone liquid dispenser system is specially designed for fatty products including mayonnaise and oils. The dispenser can be attached to the 4lt Hanging container for easy refilling and dispensing of various liquids.


Sauce Dispenser

The Ultimate Liquid / Sauce Dispenser System is a portion-dispensing system for liquid products which is globally patented and has won international awards. The Ultimate Liquid Dispenser System has customers all over the world, mainly in the foodstuffs and soap and cosmetics industries. The liquid dispenser always gives you desired portion because you are in complete control of the flow of product. A little squeeze is all it takes to start the flow and as soon as you release, the flow is stopped. It is simple to screw the Ultimate Liquid Dispenser onto product packs, and the dispenser’s ingenious construction means that a gentle squeeze will produce the required portion – hygienically and without waste. The contents of the pack are used right down to the last drop, and you avoid messy bottle refills.

By squeezing the Ultimate liquid dispenser, the pressure inside pushes up the specially designed valve allowing the liquid to be dispensed under control for the perfect portion. When the pressure is released, the valve seals the opening of the dispenser stopping any product from dripping and allowing the dispenser to replenish with another portion ready for dispensing.

The Silicone Ultimate Liquid Dispenser is suitable for food products such as catering sauces like tomato, mayonnaise, mustard and brown sauce . The premium silicone quality and construction also allows the dispenser to be used fatty products such as mayonnaise and oil based liquids.


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